A Round Tote

June 27, 2019

It has been two full months of weekly new releases and this one wraps it up!

I'm eager to get back to refining the D|D Collection.

I was recently asked the purpose of making a new design each week for these last two months. The question was sincere and contextually inquiring about how this endeavor is affecting/building the brand overall. I was halted. Quite sincerely, my thoughts about it hadn't gone that direction.

During my flight home from leather school, I read the book E-Myth by Michael Gerber and something he talks about for business owners is discerning the seasons of growing a business. What he meant was that some seasons require you to operate as an Entrepreneur, others as a Manager and others as a Technician; all catering to the "need of the hour."

As I've pondered a more full answer to the question and given the reality of a more weighty personal life, my reply today would simply be that I was making with the most specific agenda; related to life and not business even while mine are intertwined. I was releasing what's inside of me in the most healthy defiance of non-controllables all around me. I was in a season of just being an artist.



T h e   A r o u n d   T o t e

For a season

that feels blind

and you can only 

feel  your way around.


For a season of 360's

where there's clarity

all the way around.


For a problem-solving season

bringing fresh perspective;

a new angle,

a right angle,

with a curve.


For a season 

when you feel like

a square peg

"fitting" into a round hole.



peace for the season

comes from 

a season-less piece.




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