Carrying A Weighted Blossom

 A photographic debate on mimesis and anti-mimesis.


A Weighted Blossom

It’s no longer in seed form.

It's growing

It can’t be hidden.

Time brings about each nuance.

This that blossoms appears like the rest


It carries weight.


Instead, grounding.

At full blossom

It hangs near the dirt

But never takes it on.

Its stem,

Its life source

Keeps it held.

Awaited Blossom

I saw you before you were.

Long since pondered in my heart

A promise

Kept in secret

For its protection

For my protection

From hope deferred.

Time is not a healer

It’s a revealer

Of what was really there

All along.



Carrying vs Caring

One evolves to the other.


Like a mother

Who becomes a mother

By carrying what’s first inside,


Until she becomes a mother

By caring for what’s outside,

Now seen.

One evolves to the other.


Like a designer

Who becomes a designer

By carrying what’s first inside

the mind,


Until they become a designer

By caring for what’s outside,

Now made




One evolves to the other.

Carrying vs Caring



Models: @beanieboamah & @calfoster_

Photographed & Edited: @thereseniedbala

Creative Direction: @shopchc & @thereseniedbala

Special Thanks: @youthandyarrow

Words: @chellilook