Studio Rental

Not only is this an ideal location for making all the wonderful leather things, but it also serves as a great photoshoot space and I'd love to have you shoot here.

A d d r e s s :

2147 S. Lumber St.
Chicago, IL 60616


I n c l u d e s :

-14 x 14 x 12 space: wood floor, white wall space, natural lighting
-Backdrops (extended warm taupe, vanilla or narrow black, beige)
-Furniture: tall gray stool, metal wire chair, small white stool
-Supplies: 2 clothing racks, steamer, 5' ladder
-Various props: white bricks, cinder blocks, rugs, plants
-Equipment: frig, microwave, bathroom


R a t e s :
Saturday & Sunday
$40/hour for up to 4 hours
$50/hour if more than 4 hours
Weekend appointments can expect to have the full range of the studio to use (unless communicated otherwise).
*no minimum required
Monday - Friday
$50/hour for up to 4 hours
$60/hour if more than 4 hours
Weekday appointment can expect to have Chelli instudio working (unless communicated otherwise).
*no minimum required


Drop me a line here if you'd like to book the studio!