Leather / Care


  • sourced from Chicago's Horween 
  • 4.5 oz vegetable tanned
  • Black


  • newer leather by Horween
  • 4.5oz cow leather with a super soft feel, like deer
  • Beige


  • sourced from California
  • 4.5oz cow leather
  • Taupe, Beige


  • sourced from California
  • 2.5oz cow leather; veg tan
  • Black, Taupe, Beige


  • sourced from California
  • 4.5oz cow leather; veg tan
  • Beige

Soft Chrome

  • sourced from Ohio
  • 4.5oz cow leather; pebbled
  • Black



CHC Leather Care 



When not in use, keep your leather product in a duster or pillowcase, such as the one provided in your packaging.

We recommend Venetian Leather Balm.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Due to the variation and "nakedness" of vegetable tanned leather, differences in coloring and texture can occur; these slight inconsistencies bring a natural charm to each piece. The consistency of which you choose to condition your bag depends on its amount of use, environment and your aesthetic preference. Please avoid excess direct sunlight, water and humidity as well as oil based substances. 

Pebble Grain Leather

If the surface gets damp or dirtied, simply wipe the surface with a rag, if needed, use a mild soap and water. As with any skin, leather needs moisture. Over time, the supple sheen of your leather may fade, simply apply a gentle leather moisturizer to the surface. Be sure to read directions carefully for any leather care products.

Hair-on Cowhide

This is a delicate leather variation that will wear over time. Day to day maintaining includes gently wiping the cowhide in the direction(s) of the hair with a damp cloth or, if dirtied, mild soap and water. We recommend not wearing hair on cowhide in poor weather as it can cause the hair to come off. As with other leathers, a protective spray can help protect and keep it clean as well. Be sure to read directions carefully for any sprays.


Much of our hardware and findings are made of raw brass. Over time, the raw state of brass may patina and age. This is one of the attributes we enjoy about this metal, however, if you desire to maintain its original shine, you can use a gentle brass polish to restore it. 



Your CHC product is made to order; cut and assembled in our Chicago studio. Please allow two weeks from the time of ordering to receiving your item(s).

Due to the variation in the leather market, prices are subject to change.