C H E L L I   L O O K
Owner/Creative Director
Since Day 1
I have been a self-taught designer/leatherworker since 2001. Graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Fashion Marketing & Management. Creating bags is the irony of life since I don't actually enjoy wearing them, with the exception of pure necessity. I am obsessed with all things dance, movement and hand gestures and all three inspire much of what you see here. 

L U C Y  T A Y L O R
Since October 2015
I like creating with my hands. When I look at an object I find interesting, I start to imagine it in a geometric form. The process of figuring out where the connection are and then building it, whether it is layering fabric, folding paper, wrapping yarn or sewing leather is all very satisfying to me. Thoughts on CHC: Working with Chelli at CHC has inspired me to be more generous and never do anything half way. I've learned the value of putting yourself aside for someone else, the way CHC does for WINGS and making something you are proud of and can present with confidence.