I Make Your Bags

April 24, 2016

This Sunday marks the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza Collapse in Bangladesh; the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. Over a thousand workers lost there lives, and 2,500 were injured due to a lack of concern from their employers. Many of those lost were young women who were the sole provider in their homes. Incidents like this disaster are avoidable, when companies are held accountable for their manufacturing.
At CHC all of your products are designed, assembled, packaged and sent in and from our Chicago Studio.
We made your bags.
Join us alongside other organizations such as Fashion Revolution in asking the vital question, "who made my clothes?" and finding ways that we, ourselves, can encourage sustainability within the fashion industry. Don't lose sight of the power of your purchase. Where we place our dollars affects more than what is in our closet.

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I’ve made the hard decision to close CHC.

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