Photoshoot 101

January 17, 2014

As an aspiring handbag brand, (& designer/maker/entrepreneur), there is no greater truth than that of being a one-woman least for now. When people ask what I do, I sometimes struggle to honestly answer because just saying I'm a handbag designer hardly seems like the truth. The actual designing & even making of handbags only gets to occupy about 25% of my time, realistically. The rest is full of website logistics, budgeting, sourcing materials, meeting and building upon existing clients, and.........learning photography. 

Am I a photographer? no. Am I ever interested in being a photographer? no. Do I know or understand anything about photography beyond pointing and clicking? no. Am I willing to learn whatever I need to and just step out and make it work? Without a doubt. 

So this week, I made it happen. I had the pleasure of working with a dear friend, Liz and a former co-worker turned FORD Model Abby. These two were a high energy and patient presence to have and work with and I couldn't be more grateful. 

I started the process with a body language mood board for the girls in order for them to get a glimpse of the presence and feel I was aiming for. This space also doubled as the hair and make up 'station.'

I then made a mini setup of lights that I usually use for product shots and added a few extra materials to help me with balancing my lighting. And then just went for it!

After spending the next full day on edits, I'm happy with the results!......And very much still L.E.A.R.N.I.N.G. (which I feel is just another synonym for Entrepreneur)


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