Red Box

October 22, 2014

To you, this red box may appear to be mundane or just another red box. But to me, this box is a stopping moment; a moment of recognizing beauty from ashes.

As you may have read about in the GIVING portion of my website (here), CHC gives ten percent of profits to WINGS, an organization empowering women to end domestic violence and homelessness. 

My mom gave me this box. It wasn't given to me to keep; it was given to me to give away. This 'gift' to give brought me to tears. And it honestly took me some time to give it away. It's contents are not heavy but I carried the weight of them on my heart.



This box holds a woman's suit and heels; Megan's interview outfit for her career as a Charge Nurse.

This box holds the outfit of a woman in pursuit of a life of taking care of others.

My mom had given this to me to donate to WINGS, in hopes that another woman would give it new life as she steps out in the world, pursuing a career and taking care of herself and her family. I don't know what it's like to be in my parents position of losing a child, but the act of them parting with some of her possessions is a sign of a journey marked by growth; a blossom growing from the darkness of the ground. It's a sign of trusting that life moves on even when pain doesn't.

And this little red box is anything but little to me. I am grateful to have been the hands that this box could go through in an act of living on.


Learn more about WINGS here.

Learn more about CHCGIVING here.

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