In Studio: August 2015

August 19, 2015

Ever wonder what happens in the studio? There's a lot that goes into what you can see on our blog, social media and website. So, we decided that it just makes sense to give you a quick look behind the scenes every once in a while. 
This week we've been preparing the new collection. That means lots of adjustments and experiments and FUN!
So here's a quick peek into a busy (and exciting) morning:

{Have to have the coffee close by while working}
{itty bitty experiments}
{adjusting the shot}
{adjusting ANOTHER shot}
{here is the final product for those wondering}
{never know what SS16 may bring}
{creative waves cannot be planned so sometimes grasping it means stopping in the middle of the studio and working through it on any paper nearby}
{Savanah setting up & shooting product/lifestyle shots}

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