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October 14, 2015

One of my absolute favorite parts of being a maker/entrepreneur is being able to connect with all of you: at private events, in-studio appointments, at local boutiques, through the CHC website or at art shows. 

In conversation, there are two questions I am asked often:
1."Are you still donating to WINGS ?” 
2."When will we see/hear more about WINGS from you?”

I can quickly answer the first question: Yes, we are absolutely still donating ten percent of profits to WINGS....each purchase is accounted for!
The second question is more difficult for me to answer. If you have read our "GIVING" page, you get an overview of "why" we donate. But with how often this question is asked, it’s time for me to openly address it. 

Donating to an organization was not in the original business plan for CHC; it came about through a stream of events that led me to believe it was right to make CHC a generous company. 

I struggle with the level of exposure I give WINGS because I don’t want the organization to be your reason for buying product.  I want you to purchase product because you recognize that CHC is going to give you a responsibly-made, kick-ass bag that will serve you well for years to come; generosity is an exciting by-product of a well-run company.  

Around here, we are passionate about the power of purchase.  Every time money is exchanged for any product, that exchange is an investment in something or someone.  As one example, we invest money in responsibly-sourced leather from companies that pay workers a fair wage & provide safe working conditions.  

Your purchases with CHC promote generosity, time and money well-invested in the wearers, the makers, and the community.

Your purchase truly matters, and with CHC, it always will.

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