CHConscious: Alternatives to Donation

November 22, 2016

For many, donation means dropping off old clothing at the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army. We wanted to show you some other ways to work with clothes you can't or don't use anymore to help you and keep you conscious!

Be more specific

Though donating to larger stores is helpful, with a bit more research you can find a way to get rid of your old items and get more out of it. Madewell, for example, has a denim donation program, and if you donate a pair, you get 20% off new jeans! H+M also started a recycling initiative; and, of course, we have to mention WINGS. Their resale shops accept clothing as well as other items that can help them do great things!

Fix it up

Fixing split seams, repairing buttons and adjusting hems is an easy task to learn and can be done pretty quickly. many clothes are donated, thrown our or given away because they have small flaws but, when you know how to fix it, donation trips aren't necessary!

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