CHConscious- Reorganize, Refine, Rejuvanate: Getting Savvy with What You Have

October 07, 2016

When you get to a place where you find your closet is full of things you can't part with, and is filled with pieces you like, there are still ways to prolong the use of the items. We've all heard the 3 R's "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" but when it comes to our wardrobes, we've tweaked the saying a bit- "Reorganize, Refine, and Rejuvenate."


    • Create labels for your items; ie: Work, Casual, and Leisure. Separate your clothing under the usages they fit into (some items may fit into multiple categories
  • Prioritize which items you get the most use out of and pear down what is unnecessary. This will minimize clutter and streamline your closet to pieces you get the most use out of. When we say, 'unnecessary items' we are referring to that letterman jacket from high school or the denim shorts you don't need in the winter. These items don't need to be discarded, simply pack them away or place them in storage.
  • Side Tip: turn all the hangers in your closet around and only turn them back once you wear the item hanging on it. By the end of 6 months or a year, the hangers that are still backwards are items you don't need at your immediate reach.


  • Intermix your pieces and categories when creating outfits. How can you step up your work attire? Your clothes for going out? 
  • Take those items that have a fit thats not quite right to a tailor so you can optimize their use.

A classic work ensemble that can translate in almost any office space.

An easy work dress with a little extra comfort added through a sweater.

The pefect look for a casual day, complete with comfy trainers.

Another casual look with a little edge thanks to the leather jacket.

A look built for leisure and comfort. A classic jumpsuit made a bit more formal with some of out favorite heels.

We made work wear a bit more leisurely by stealing the loafers and unbuttoning the dress to use as a layering piece. Add a new bag and you're all set!

Back to leisure again with classic jeans, a light blush blouse and a denim jacket. We added a little interest in the form of a choker as well...

A look for leisure that may do for work as well. We twisted the look of a classic pencil skirt by adding a scarf and leather jacket.

We took casual to work by adding trainers and our well-loved leather to a classic look, elevating its edge a bit.

Getting leisure to work by transitioning our heels and throwing a denim jacket into the mix of another essential look.


Taking leisure to work again by dressing up our tee and skirt with a trench coat.


 Dressing up our casual jeans with our work dress and shoes to create a perfect look for leisure.


  • After refinement, you can add in accessories and play with shoe choices. 
  • Take pictures of the outfits you like so you can save your options for when you come across the classic "all these clothes and nothing to wear" problem, you'll be able to find what suits you well, and what makes you feel comfortable and confident without having to try to remember how you paired it.
  • Get a second opinion, ask for help. Make an event of it by having a night with friends! Getting a new perspective on an old item can revitalize a piece you thought had lost its charm. When you are inspired by your own wardrobe, the want for more items is diminished.


If you missed our first CHConscious, catch it here. Next up, how to care for your pieces. Please leave any comments or questions for us here or by emailing, tell us what you think!

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