Evan and the Dusk

December 06, 2016

Meet Evan. A close friend for a while, with a refined urban style and the music taste to match! 


What is your feel good song and place and why?

One of my favorite feel good songs has to be “Put a Light On” by The Generationals. It’s not your typical feel good song, but it has an element of upbeat chill that gets me pumped every time I listen to it. It also brings me back to one of my favorite summers in recent memory. My feel good place would have to be the beach from golden hour until dusk, with one or a few good friends. There’s something grounding about this place because of its beauty and the beach has always been associated with fun since I was a kid.


How would you describe your style of dress? 

This is kind of difficult, because I feel like my style can be a bit eclectic. A few words that come to mind though are refined and casual with a bit of urban mixed in. I think most of my clothes are pretty simple, but I’m intentional about the details, such as shoes, undershirts, watches, and hats. 


If not Chicago, where would you want to live?

If we’re talking in the U.S., then I’d probably choose somewhere on the west coast. I recently visited Portland and really enjoyed that city. I felt that it had a great blend of urban and natural environments. The city is big enough that there's plenty to do and eat, but not so big that it’s all fast-paced and business. Plus, it's surrounded by enough state parks to satisfy my itch for outdoor adventures. I could just as easily see myself in San Francisco or Seattle too.


Who or what do you look to for inspiration on how to dress?

I often find myself looking to the environment and culture i’m in for style cues and ideas. With Chicago being such a large urban environment, you have a good mixture of styles and tastes passing you by everyday. I might notice something I like about what someone is wearing that i’ll keep in mind the next time I purchase clothes. From there I'll mix and match to create an outfit that’s understated, but personal. 


If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

For comfort and versatility, I think i’d definitely want to have a pair of dark wash jeans as my foundation. From there I’d pair them with a clean chambray button-up shirt layered with a charcoal bomber jacket. For shoes i’d probably go with a pair of casual brown leather boots, but would be tempted to wear my beloved black Nike blazers. I’d then top it all off with a classic, black-dialed field watch.


What was the last thing that made you laugh really hard?

It might not have been the last thing that made me laugh really hard, but I saw the Improvised Shakespeare Company a few months back and it was non-stop laughs. I was quoting it for days afterwards with my friends.


Something you've always wanted to do but you haven't gotten around to doing yet?

I’ve always wanted to do a road-trip across the U.S. to the west coast. I'd probably do a northern route there and a southern route back, stopping and camping at various places along the way. I imagine that the vast and beautiful landscape that stretches from Colorado to California would be breath-taking. 

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