Keep It Fresh (f)or Fall

October 05, 2017

In my last Journal entry, I disclosed what all "We've Been Up To" and I promised handfuls of newness coming your way in October. I am one to keep my word, friends! You are reading this, so by now you've gotten a taste of some of the changes made, but let me tell you about all 9! (Because it is my favorite number:-)

1. Homepage layout: set up to give you the most important items we believe you need to see, hear and know all at the ease of a scroll.

In order of appearance:

*Lifestyle Images

*Shop by color (mentioned below)


*How we operate

*Top 9 featured items (again with the favorite number;-)


*Spotlight item of the week

*Latest journal story

*Instagram (because imagery is life)

*Video of what's in the works (thank to the incredible Jason and Blue)

2. Testimonials: Your kindness deserves being front and center! We hold your thoughts and feedback as a high priority and we believe the world should know how you feel about the items you invest in.

3. Leather / Care page:  Answers all the materials questions: What kind of leather do you use? Where is it from? How do I store it? How do I care for it? Topped off with a video

4. Email sign up: I, hereby, promise not to spam you, over-send, over-sell or any other "over" that makes you want to delete it the moment you see it in your inbox. BUT, I do promise to send you the latest and most important company news, incentives and invites so sign on up!

5. Shop by COLOR: When we first premiered all the colors, we did an initial rollout on half the collection. Well, the testing is over and now the WHOLE Dawn | Dusk Collection comes in COLOR. Remember how I mentioned above in #2 that your feedback is fully received? This is an expression of that. So save your valuable time and shop by COLOR: Black, Taupe & Beige....or ALL:-)

Everything that only used to be available in black:

Large Aura Bucketbag now in Taupe & Beige

Small Aura Bucketbag now in Taupe & Beige

Dusk Backpack now in Taupe

Dawn Oversized Tote now in Taupe

Large Ray Backpack now in Taupe

Small Ray Backpack now in Taupe & Beige


6. Prices! I highlighted this change in the last Journal entry but if feels worth celebrating again. We are now only Direct-to-Consumer --> meaning no more wholesale --> meaning no more middle-man --> meaning price structure update

Warning: these next 3 are all gloriously and solely related to product changes...are you as excited as I am?!

7. Updates to Designs: small changes make a big difference

The Small Aura Bucketbag went from a single strap to a double strap but still transitions to a tote!

The Glare Wallet went from opening up completely to now being a full size wallet or small clutch.

The Small Ray Backpack has become more midsized (very similar to the size of the Page Pack from our summer 2015 capsule collection) but this still has the same hidden cinching security as the Large Ray.

8. New Product! Premiering the Dusk Wallet in Taupe & Black for a slim but security card holder with two card slots!

9. Product videos! These are one of my favorite aspects to the product information. It's a nice continuous visual for you to see size ratio and draping on a lovely human.




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