Marc and the Aura

November 25, 2016

Meet Marc, a manager at Oak + Fort in Wicker Park that we met at our relaunch event. His style (as your about to see) was so fresh and unique that we had to feature him.

What is your dream job?

I've always wanted to be a menswear designer, but I don't have the skills I need for that so I've kinda changed my perspective. Now I'm more focused on being a stylist and consultant to small brands and stores. Helping to connect up and coming brands with their target audience and stores and doing the same for independent clothing stores.

Who is your style icon?

I'm from the Kanye school of style. I feel like he was the person who kinda unlocked the fashion side of sneakers to me. I started reading GQ when I was 14 years old so I was always aware of high fashion and I even used to sketch the ads I'd see in the magazines. But high fashion and streetwear/ sneakers were always 2 seperate things until Kanye came around. He just had a way of putting it together that really captured the spirit of the brand that was also uniquely him. I know he wasn't the first but I've always appreciated his version of it.

 If you could visit anywhere in the world (or galaxy) where would you go?

Man this is tough. Of course Mars! But in the real world, Tokyo. It's a places that's dripping in style and has such a rich history. I'd love to walk the streets and just see what kind of inspiration I can find for my personal style. 

What's a surprising fact about yourself?
I'm actually a homebody. A lot of people I meet that know of my from social media think that I'm just out here kicking it all the time. In reality, my favorite thing in the world is getting off work and going home to kick it with my girlfriend Treasure. 


4. Your style in one word.
Diverse. My style is rooted in streetwear and it kind of started with my love of sneakers. Over the years it grew into a love of build outfits. The thing is, I'm a peacock. I can't just confine myself into wearing the uniform of my "style tribe". I want to be the best so I like to mix things up and push the boundaries of what's acceptable in menswear and streetwear. If you look at my feed, I have a lot styles and garments that I play around with. You can't box me in son!

Childhood memory that has shaped you into who you are today?
I can't even remember how old I was, but when my mom took me to the mall to buy the Air Jordan 4s (the originals, not the retros). I complained the whole time she was getting me the shoes because I didn't want no damn Jordan's. I wanted some action figures or something stupid like that. She got them anyway and I wore them to school the next day. Everybody was looking and asking me questions. It was so much positive attention for this one pair of shoes. From that point on I was hooked. 

Favorite source to find street style from?
I think the instagram explore tab is great! I love looking at how everyday people style things. I also like to people watch everywhere I go. I draw a lot of inspiration from everyday people. I think there's some value in every outfit even when people don't care about fashion. I also like to check fashion week street style photos and just general street style photos from GQ, Vouge, Hypebeast, High Snobity etc.

Where do you find your inspiration:
From the obvious places like street style photos and fashion magazines (God I sound so old lol). I also draw inspiration from everyday people. I like to find the beauty the way people wear their clothing in a fictional way. Viewing their style choices and trying to figure out why choose to wear these garments. Seeing how they fit, there's just so much to pull from it.




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