Millennials: What a Privilege

February 08, 2017

The topic arises too much not to address it.

Young company, young team….and yes, I hear about it! So frequently, that I felt I wanted to address it.


And Yes! I’m shouting it through type because I’m proud of it, inspired by it and shameless of it! Too often, conversations/questions I'm asked about in regards to working with a younger team turn negative or are approached as a point of shock. And I get it...or at least, I used to, because I had pre-judgements as well but because I’ve been awakened to their potential and amazingness, I want to start tearing down so much of the negativity built up about them.

But first of all, let me publicly apologize for any and all of the assumptions I’ve had about them in the past and any way that I've projected on them anything negative. Truly, I am sorry. And THANK YOU, Sav, Stephen, Therese & Lucy for showing up, being yourselves and opening my generationally-ignorant eyes. (Which is sad on my part because I'm not that far from them in age)

(Sav J, Project Mgr/Business Dev)

Millennials do things differently, yes….just as any “new” generation would and should since humanity is ever-evolving. We should be concerned, highly concerned, the day we witness a younger generation doing things the exact same way as the one preceding it.

(Stephen, Multimedia Assistant)

The top 5 TRUTHS I've learned:

-They are hungry: for information, for inspiration, for involvement.

-They get shxt done: their methods of getting from point A to point B are different, given their immediacy with technology, but the point is that they get there and they shine light on ‘new routes’ along the way.

-Their ‘youthfulness’ is refreshing: un-tainted by many industry-standards/expectations, they provide fresh perspective instead of being “told” what something should or should not be.

-They understand speed: risk taking is an expectation and the ability to “dust it off” and move on is the norm.

-They know how to play: company culture is important to them and not only are they willing to ask for a healthy one but they are ready to contribute to it.

(Therese, Photo Assistant)

Now, I understand, there are exceptions within every generation but I’m willing to step out and say that the younger demographic is a powerful asset in the workforce and I intend to remain first in line to working & learning with them!

CHCrew….You are valued, loved and appreciated!

(Lucy, Apprentice)

Learn more about each member of the CHCrew here!


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