Rachael and the Aura

October 28, 2016

Meet Rachael, our most recent muse. She is the brains behind Rawson, a vintage collection that aims to reclaim clothing and objects and give them modern value. Learn more about Rachael and check out our time at the Art Institute...


What was the last thing that captured your attention and made you stop to think?

On a downtown adventure day recently I walked towards the Lyric Opera house from the West and noticed the stunning pink marble on the outside of the building. I had walked past that building several times on the way to and from Ogilvie, but had never noticed the beauty.


Describe the best week of your life.

The second week of August of this past year was one of the best so far. I had just left my full time job and started putting out ideas/ concepts/ suggestions into the world and then more and more fell into place. I had more time for friends and my family and felt more myself than I had in a long time. Plus the sunshine was wonderfully comforting.


Describe in one word your pursuit in life and elaborate.

Adapt - My main focus right now is working in the medium of vintage clothing and adapting the pieces that I find to fit a modern wardrobe. I love the idea of pulling something that has been sitting tucked away for years and giving new life to it. Also, I work with a few small business owners in this pursuit of constant growth and connection. Lately, this has proven to be a lesson in flexibility and the need to adapt processes to fit the customer or to create efficiency.


Where's your favorite place in Chicago?

Even though it's usually covered in garbage (ha!), I like getting off the California Blue Line stop on my way home from a trip. It reaffirms my choice to live amongst the sometimes chaos of the city.


Pick a personal texture (like satin or velvet) and describe how it matches you.

Denim- It changes over time, becomes softer the more you wear it. 

What influences your style?

People who are confidant and a little whacky with their own style influences me. I like to see interesting silhouettes and a mixture of designer and vintage. (Even though I, myself, am not wearing many designer things yet)


What do you reach for in your closet to feel most like yourself?

I feel most myself in comfortable jeans and a White T shirt or tank in the summer. 



Any final thoughts?

I am grateful to have worked with the two of you on this last shoot. It is so fun taking time away from emails and social media to just spend time together in a beautiful place like the Art Institute. Thanks for hanging!






CHC: Behind the Scenes of CHC Stories shoot from Chelli Look on Vimeo.

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