Through the Eyes of First Time Voters

November 08, 2016

"There aren't too many days that you can be in anywhere in the world and feel connected to all the people your homeland. But this is one of those and should be something meaningful for all Americans, eligible or not."


"The right to vote gives power to people who can sometimes feel powerless and it's one of the few things that unifies literally every citizen of this country. To take it for granted would be a such a waste."


"It's my duty and my right as an American. We have to build up the country that we will one day be leading."


"We fought way too hard for the 19th amendment to let it go to waste"

-Grace and Caitlin

"I believe in a future for America"


"It's a privilege that we are all blessed as American citizens to have, it wouldn't make sense to give up that opportunity"


"I'm voting because my ancestors fought for my ability to do so, as well as the fact that this country is being mirrored by a man who encompasses the bigotry, prejudice, and privilege it would like to pretend doesn't exist"

"I voted because I want to make a difference. I believe it's important that young voters get out there and do their par, because we are the future of this country."


"My ancestors and my people before me fought for this right, I wouldn't be doing them justice by not exercising that right. Anyone who can vote should, it doesn't hurt to vote; It's one of the easiest ways to contribute to society."





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