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September 20, 2017

My original plans for the summer were to begin to roll-out a new "Limited Edition" design each month along with several open-studio events and summer workshops. However, with a slower than expected spring and the dispersement of my incredible team of assistants (ending of semesters and beginnings of study-abroad programs), I instead decided to take a step back to evaluate.

Personally, I’m more of a keep moving at full speed regardless of what gets in the way mentality but my now, Director of Operations/full time husband, David, recommended some strategic assessing.

Yes, it is as boring as it sounds, at least to those of us who prefer visionary thinking and creative implementation (ie: me). But, I am currently seeing the fruit of the time invested.

So, what exactly has happened from all that assessing?

  1. David now has an official title/role. He has been actively assisting behind-the-scenes for quite some time now but we decided to make it official and I am ecstatic about it as I know it will continue to strengthen CHC and all her efforts.
  2. Product assessment through customer feedback and statistics. This included formalizing a plan to be solely direct-to-consumer. (I flirted with this concept back when I launched  Dawn/Dusk in summer of 2016 but still maintained a handful of wholesale accounts.)
  3. Customer experience assessment through our website and everything connected to it. This is where all the nitty-gritty we've been really working through comes into play. Who knew a website button color could make such a difference?

Without boring you with all the details, here is what can be expected oh-so-very-soon and what's already happened.

  • Price adjustments: you may have already noticed this with our D/D collection but since going solely direct-to-consumer, this meant our pricing tiers could shift---much to the benefit of you. I'm excited about doing another blog post later this fall to share  more details about how this worked out.
  • Design adjustments: What can I say? I’m an artist. The work is never completely finished. Whether it's as small as adding a rivet to a bag joint or as big as adjusting the leather selection for texture differentiation, some fun tweaks have been made to maintain the quality and refined look of the end product.
  • (To-Be-Seen): Fresh website design this Oct 3rd! Why? To provide higher image quality and better user experience for you and new customers.
  • (To-Be-Seen): A few new designs will be added to the D/D collection. I am straight-up, unquestionably, over-the-moon excited about this and I think you will be too.
  • (To-Be-Seen): Our colors get expanded to the entire collection!

If you've made it this far in reading and staying up to date...allow me to so graciously direct you to our fresh prices & our 15% off sale on all Limited Edition; including the already marked down pieces.

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