Yearly Favorites

December 27, 2016

It's that time of month (and year) again! Here is our round-up of favorites from 2016. It's been a crazy ride but it's good to bring out some positive nostalgia right?

Stephen-Our beloved intern (he's the one creating the killer videos you've been seeing plenty of lately)

FAHF-Thank you for honoring CHC

Blog Appreciation-We loved seeing CHC through the eyes of other creatives

All of these people are worth checking out so from the top right clockwise...

Ali Stone-Those White Walls

Rachael Loewen-Rachel Loewen Photography

Marta Sasinowska-Practice Studies.

Off Kilter Magazine

Mandy Lancia and Abigail St. Claire-With/Another

Stories- One of our new series featuring styles (and people) we love...

Sheena and the Emit

Marc and the Aura

Rachael and the Aura

Evan and the Dusk

Sav and the Aura

Stephen and the Mirk

Process-Another blog series showing you how we do what we do




CHConscious-Our series sharing what we can about staying conscious in the fashion industry in the hopes that it'll help you do the same!

Getting Started

Taking Care of Your Clothes

Alternatives to Donation

Sewing A Button



MVMNT-A place for you to find our (and possibly your) inspiration

Season of ITY: CHC + W/A from Chelli Look on Vimeo.

Events-Like this one with With/Another, are becoming consistent in our studio

Photo from Maddi 

Photo from Karen

CHCares-Our alternative to Black Friday. If you got some of these guys in the mail tag us on instagram (@_chcollection_) or use #CHCares so we can see your pictures!

CHC Photoshoot | Behind the Scenes from Chelli Look on Vimeo.

 Photoshoot-Working with Jaclyn, Evan, KT, Ken, Chidi, Sav, Lucy, and Rae to create the first images of Dawn|Dusk

Dawn|Dusk-The biggest change of the year. The restructuring of our company and the release of our season-less collection Dawn|Dusk.


Thank you for your love and support through this and all years. If you've been here a while we are grateful for your loyalty. If you are new to CHC, welcome and we hope you stay! Here's to all the favorites to come!




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