Arrivederci, Lucy!

August 23, 2018

This summer marked the send off of my apprentice of 3 years, Lucy. What a pleasure it's been to have worked alongside her; learning as much as teaching. 

My time with her has taught me a new appreciation for even the tiniest of details, that the right question can open up new realms in creating and to not be limited by others perception of you, age or otherwise.

As I venture off to school in Italy, Lucy ventures off to high school and I am so very proud of her! 

Over the last three years, she has assisted me with a variety of tasks around the studio as well as shows and market preparations and she has also ideated and executed four projects. From the BLOCK Collection to the Abstract Bags 01, Abstract Bags 02 as well as her final project shown below.

Ironically, for her final, Lucy decided to work with a new material, canvas. And while it has its fair share of challenges along the way, once again she prevailed with excellence!




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