CHConscious: Getting Started

September 20, 2016 1 Comment

We, as a company, mention and speak a lot about conscious consumerism. This cause is one that is laid into CHC's foundation. This concept is fairly broad and adopting it can be quite a process. For this reason, we've decided to introduce CHConscious, our latest Journal series, to share what we're learning! 

Getting Started

1. Get inspired by your wardrobe and find your style: Take a peek into your closet and create looks you are confident in, what you know you'll wear.  If you're having a hard time finding inspiration, we recommend looking at Pinterest, browsing magazines and blogs, finding style icons (celebrities whose style you always seem to be drawn to) and ask friends to help you identify your personal style!

2. Alternates to discarding: If while going through your closet you find items you don't think you'll get use out of, try selling used items on apps like Poshmark, or Mercari. There is also donation...we would, of course, recommend donating your gently used items to a WINGS resale store. These options are a bit more specialized and give life back to pieces you may have thought of as rubbish.

3. Make a list of needs vs wants: After cleaning out your space and finding your style, look for the gaps you'd like to fill and create a list of things you Need versus things you Want

  • Needs are items you'll invest in. Take your time, be specific, and don't settle. "Needs" will be the items you wear and keep for years. For these items, we love looking into brands that specialize in creating what you're looking for. (Refer to our list below---we'll be greatly expanding this list in the weeks to come;-) While doing your research, find brands that make the items ethically and well so you know they will last for all the years you'll want to use them.
  • Wants are items that will certainly benefit your wardrobe but aren't immediate needs, these can even be fun/trendy pieces you hope to try. For these pieces, we understand and relate to the ease and convenience of fast fashion powerhouses like Zara or H+M, but we encourage that if you do shop these spaces, pay special attention to details like fabric content, product care, and sewing details. Also, try to get a sustainable 30 wears out of the garment.




    4. Need ethical inspo?: Here are a few (of the many )brands we recommend:

    More notes:

    • Get to know your local tailor and cobbler for fitting and fixing needs. A small tear or broken buckle doesn't have to mean you've lost a favorite wardrobe item.
    • Get to know or reach out to a local maker. Understand what goes into creating the local items you love, and learn the nuances that separate hand-crafted from machine-made.
    • Become aware and stay aware! We've listed some helpful resources on education yourself on slow fashion:

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    MOlly ACord
    MOlly ACord

    September 20, 2016

    Love this!

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