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January 28, 2019 1 Comment

It's a pretty tricky situation to step out of everything for a season, only to return to endless questions that you have very few answers to.

I've spent most of my time (upon returning) setting new rhythms, determining daily disciplines and growing in my knowledge of my business and industry...oh, and YES, still making bags lol. (sidenote of interest: the moment you frequent social media less, the general public literally thinks that you are doing's fascinating, in a disturbing kind of way) Anyway, while all this behind the scenes work is greatly lacking in the visual results category (at least for now), I know that I'm growing, improving and building something stronger. 

One of my greatest priorities before was to run as fast and as hard as I could handle at the vision set before me. Italy was an abrupt halt with the question ... what's the rush? All of my "speeding to the goal" was causing me to miss out on the process, which is the MOST beautiful part of all of this journeying to "the goal" (whatever that means). My dreams for this brand are way outside of reach and make no logical sense for how they will happen and quite frankly, I'm ill equipped to even make them happen...which is how I KNOW I'm dreaming big enough.

But with all that I just said, there is an incredible process to unfold and I don't want to skip it or miss out on seeing and acknowledging each step with as much gratitude as I can throw at it. 

The last few seasons, I have put my all into every endeavor I could dream of or join in to. And while some were fruitful, most failed and failed hard. So there is also the element of learning to trust myself and keep trusting myself. There are many more failures to come. How do I know? Because I'm overflowing with ideas! Thus, the beauty of PROCESS!

So, here we go:-) I'm working on the evolution of this brand currently and this requires some transitions as well as clearing out of inventory. So use the code "CLEARIT" for 30% off of everything!


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Elias oseni
Elias oseni

February 07, 2019

I received a CHC wallet early 2018 as a gift and I absolutely love it. It quality of the leather is top notch and durable. All of my important cards such as driver’s License, debt and or credit cards and school I.d fits perfectly! It was worth the price! Overall I love it

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