Abstract by Lucy

February 06, 2018

So for Lucy's Fall/Winter project, we decided to expand on this idea. Continually inspired by light & movement, she endeavored to use leather to craft shapes & designs that express this particular inspiration. In doing so, she created three distinct abstract designs and then worked them within three distinct accessories; hanging wall art, a tote and a clutch.

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Shadow Play

January 29, 2018

Shadow Play, Light Play with a group of incredible, talented people.

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The Rise Tote on the Horizon

November 07, 2017

The Rise Tote. Our latest addition to the Dawn | Dusk Collection. For work, for travel, for overnight.

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Keep It Fresh (f)or Fall

October 05, 2017

In my last Journal entry, I disclosed what all "We've Been Up To" and I promised handfuls of newness coming your way in October. I am one to keep my word, friends! You are reading this, so by now you've gotten a taste of some of the changes made, but let me tell you about all 9! (Because it is my favorite number:-)

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What We've Been Up To

September 20, 2017

My original plans for the summer were to begin to roll-out a new "Limited Edition" design each month along with several open-studio events and summer workshops. However, with a slower than expected spring and the dispersement of my incredible team of assistants (ending of semesters and beginnings of study-abroad programs), I instead decided to take a step back to evaluate.

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Daze of Summer

September 19, 2017

So much Thanks to models: Prince @77trois & Kadeeja @thebestofk

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Before You Go...

June 29, 2017

Summer is officially here, which means the semester has ended for all my amazing assistants...and so off they go! Some to study abroad, some back to their hometowns for a bit.

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Abstract Bags

June 14, 2017

Inspired by 'minimal figurative abstraction', Lucy and I collaborated on 5 one-of-a-kind tote bags. We were loving the shapes of our small leather cut-offs and decided to make something new!

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Stories: Anitra and the Dawn

May 04, 2017

Meet Anitra. You may know her images our relaunch party but we brought her back to talk Chicago, style and inspiration. She is a Chicago native and food photographer. She specializes in capturing the unattractive info and alluring scenes. 

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Jason&Blue and What's Coming Soon

April 10, 2017

Over the last 6 months, I've been able to have the fun & revelatory experience of working with directors, Jason & Blue, as they work to share the story of CHC through a documentary.

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Stories: Andrew and the Aura

April 05, 2017 1 Comment

Meet may recognize him from some bts photos from the last photo shoot. After seeing and experiencing his infectious attitude, we knew we needed to set up a stories shoot.

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Stories: Chufue Yang

February 12, 2017

Stories: Chufue Yang


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